Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So how does this work?  Is this just a bunch of bots or fake people building streams?
A: All of our plays are organic plays from playlisting (we pitch to playlists and have our own) and our music database of 1.2 million subscription subscribers that we've curated while working with the majors over the past 10 years.

We match your music to specific listeners in our database to try and help you gain fans and not just quick streams.  85% of our streams are subscriber streams (not the free streams that generate little to no royalties) and there are no bots or clicks after 30 seconds to build false stream counts (if you wanted to do that you could just spend $5 instead of our prices).  It takes us 4-5 days for your campaign to start as we work really hard at identifying the right people to listen to your music.

If you get a bigger campaign you not only get Spotify, but also Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon and TIDAL.  I don't think there is any other company out there that works all of those DSPs.

Q: For the All DSP Programs are those the total number of streams or number of streams per DSP?
A: The streams listed are the TOTAL number of streams.  So for example, if you get the 50,000 stream All DSP Program you will get a total of 50,000 streams across all the DSPs (about 80% come from Spotify, 10% from Google Play, 5% from Apple Music and 5% from Tidal)

Q: Do you guys pitch for playlists?
A: Yes this is something we aggressively do and have seen great results with.  Spotify curators REALLY take notice when they see your campaign is being streamed by real listeners who have a PREMIUM subscription with them (not just the free version) and that has led to hundreds of placements on Spotify playlists.  Plus we are constantly partnering with artists for their playlists.  For example, Hip Hop legend KXNG Crooked just announced his official indie playlist “The Diamond Mine” which highlights indie artists of all genres.  Hitmaker is a partner in this playlist and aggressively pitches our clients for inclusion.

Q: How can I ask questions?
A: This is the difference between us and other services.  We have an office, we have an office number so you can speak to a REAL person and ask questions.  Call us at 850.666.5095 and feel free to ask us anything else we haven’t covered.

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