TikTok Campaign


TikTok is currently the best platform for viral music growth in 2020.

We will hire TikTok influencers that will play, dance, and post your song on their accounts that have several thousand/million followers, which  will ensure maximum reach and exposure for your song.

Links to each influencer posts and statistics will be delivered during and at the end of each campaign.

Past Campaigns

K-Camp – Lottery
31.9 Million Videos Created
119.2 MillionViews

Tay Money – Bussin
1.7 Million Videos Created
40.7 MillionViews

DMB Gotti – Peter Piper
94.4 Thousand Videos Created
8.5 MillionViews

Influencer Examples

12.3 Million Followers

6.8 Million Followers

2.5 Million Followers

767 Thousand Followers

158 Thousand Followers